Programming Guide Fanuc CNC Lathe

What is CNC Lathe?

CNC lathes are common machine tools in every mechanical workshop. CNC lathes are used to process the rotating parts. Such as shaft, stop ring, wheel, hole, thread, …

The most common convenient operation is to cut the material from the shaft blank, using the tool to cut the outer face. CNC lathes are also used to process holes, cut grooves, cut threads, … with the appropriate cutting tools.

Structure of CNC lathe:

About the structure of CNC lathes is not much different from mechanical lathes

Instead of CNC lathes, the axes are moved by a servomotor for higher accuracy.

The tool holder, instead of being fixed like a mechanical lathe, CNC lathes have a rotating head to change the tools automatically, without human intervention, so the CNC machining process becomes faster and more accurate.

Technical advice

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